Friday, January 25, 2013

The one with my cat Wolfie's birthday

My cat Wolfgang Amadeus Mesa turns 1 year old today! Happy birthday, little boy!

We first took him to the vet on May 25 last year, a few days after we got him, and the vet assessed that he was around 4 months old. Therefore, we decided that his birthday is January 25.

So, what makes him so special when we have 10 other cats? Wolfgang is the one cat that is truly mine. My first two don't really belong to me: Uma belongs to my brother Momon, and Phoebe is Abet's. Wolfie is mine, all mine.

He belonged to the karinderya across our house, but one summer Sunday last year, while I was buying dinner, the karinderya owner asked me if I wanted him. He was badly covered in mange which the customers weren't too happy about, and they were going to throw him away. After rushing back to our house to get permission from my husband (he said yes without a moment's hesitation), Wolfie was in our home.

At that time, my family already had two orange-and-white cats: Ludwig† (Beethoven) and Johann (Bach). Naturally, the new one is Wolfgang (Mozart).

His infection was so bad when we got him that my mother honestly did not think he'd make it. Thankfully, he pulled through after being treated with shots, oral antibiotics, and medicated soap.

6 weeks after we got him, he's completely healed here

Wolfie now lives at my parents' house, and he is hands-down the craziest, noisiest, most entertaining cat of all. He is also the biggest troublemaker. This is what we get for naming a cat after Mozart! But we love him all to bits!

Happy Birthday, our little Wolfgang! Thanks for all the joy you bring! Since you like to rub my tummy a lot, I think this will be you soon:

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  1. Hapberdei Wolfie! Buti na lang na-rescue ka ni Mommy Dea... :)