Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The one with the movie date

Abet and I haven't gone to the movies in a long time, so when UST declared that yesterday was a holiday because of the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, we decided to go on a movie date. We finally got to watch Les Miserables, something we've both been looking forward to watching since we found out that it was going to be made for film. I was able to hold my pee (I didn't drink anything!) and my singing in. I can't say the same for my tears.

It was nice to have been able to go out on a date with my husband, even if I waddled like a penguin and went in every time we passed by a restroom. This is the first time we've gone out just for the sake of going out since... oh, I can't even remember when. It's usually to buy groceries, get something for the house, pay some bill, or other errands. It reminded me of our carefree boyfriend-girlfriend days.

Thank you, UST, for giving me my husband all to myself for an extra day. I think the next time we go out like this, it will be to take a break from taking care of a baby, something the grandmothers are very excited about!

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