Sunday, January 20, 2013

The one with the 3D ultrasound

We got a peek at our baby's face via 3D ultrasound today!

Like our first fetal biometry and Congenital Anomaly Scan, we had it done at The Baby Ultrasound Company in Robinson's Manila. Good thing Mommy Ginger blogged about their 3D/4D ultrasound experience a couple of days ago. I found out through her blog that the best time to have this procedure done is at 28-31 weeks, and I'm already at 30 weeks and 6 days today. My OB and I haven't discussed getting a 3D/4D ultrasound since this isn't really a necessity, so I didn't really know when to get it. I thought the later, the better, and Abet and I had planned on getting it sometime in February.

It was also through Ginger's blog that I found out that you're supposed to eat and drink before getting the ultrasound. Abet and I just had lunch at my parents' house, so all I had was my favorite Happy Lemon Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese drink beforehand (the server gave me the thickest layer of cheese topping ever--happiness!).

Anyway, even at less than 31 weeks, things are already pretty crowded in there. The placenta and umbilical cord and whatnot were hovering around my baby's face. Just a tip: if you're considering getting a 3D/4D ultrasound, please check this calendar to see what the best dates are. I learned about this too late.

Because we didn't know if Audrey would move a lot during the ultrasound, we opted to get the basic 3D package which included 4 photos at P1,500. We would just upgrade to the package with all the bells and whistles (CD of photos, DVD of video, etc.) if our girl was cooperative. Well, the little one did move a bit, but not enough for us to want a video recording (a decision that saved us several thousand pesos, haha!). We were already happy with what we saw:

Our Audrey's face. Abet and I teared up, him more than me. We're in love.

She looks exactly like me! Sorry, my dear husband! Even the sonologist remarked that our baby is "kamukhang-kamukha ni Mommy."

And then our girl gave us a little treat: she smiled...

. . . and smiled, and kept smiling! It was like she knew we were looking at her! Yep, this is my daughter, alright! Bungisngis baby!

Abet and I are crazy happy and grateful right now. There's a healthy, beautiful baby growing inside of me. We're more excited than ever to meet her in a couple of months.


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    1. Hihi, salamat! We were over the moon to see her face for the first time.