Friday, September 21, 2012

The one with the two pink lines

The day I found out that we're having a baby will forever be one of the happiest and most memorable moments of my entire life.

Even during the two-week wait (the time from ovulation up to the time you can take a test), Abet and I already had a feeling that I was pregnant. I guess we're just such positive (pardon the pun) people. At this time, I quit smoking. We were so assuming that Abet would even kiss my tummy good-bye before he left for work in the morning. We became even more suspicious when I started to feel my breasts whenever I went down the stairs, since breast tenderness is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

I took the test the morning I was supposed to get my period. I couldn't even wait to see if my period would arrive or not. I took the test while my husband was at work so that in case it turned out negative, I can pretend to act cool when I break any bad news to him. With the first test, one bright pink line immediately appeared. Negative. My heart sank, but I told myself, "It's OK, it was just our first try. We'll try again next month." I was sadly staring at the test when after a few moments, a second line in the faintest pink shade oh-so-slowly appeared. Even if the line was barely visible, I knew that was it. I started crying as the second line slowly became clearer and clearer. I am pregnant after all! Praise God! With trembling hands, I took a second test to be sure, and just like with the first test, the second line showed up much later than the first. It didn't matter, my head was already high up in the clouds. I looked at my tummy and said "I love you" to my baby for the first time.

Waiting for Abet to come home was the hard part of the day. To keep myself busy, I made his favorite food, baked mac (which wasn't really baked because we don't own an oven yet) to celebrate. As soon as he arrived, I sat him down on the sofa and handed him the pregnancy tests. His face when he figured it out was just priceless. Absolutely priceless. I'll never forget my husband's reaction when he found out that he was going to be a father. We hugged and cried, and it was Abet's turn to say "I love you" to our baby for the first time.

It's been two months since that beautiful day, and Abet and I are still smiling. I know Peanut will give us a gazillion more reasons to smile in the months and years to come.

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  1. Awww... I'm so happy for both of you, Ate Dei! I could feel the happiness through your blog. Congratulations!!!:D