Monday, September 24, 2012

The one with the onesies

This was how we announced to our families that we are expecting a wee one:

I ordered two personalized onesies with "Baby Mesa" in pa-cute lettering.

We told our parents the weekend after we found out. We had dinner at Abet's mother's house on a Saturday, and we gave her the onesie just before we ate. It took her quite a while to realize what it meant, but she squealed with joy and hugged us both when she found out. Abet's 9-year old nephew, Ycko, was the happiest of them all, it made me cry to see him jumping around. He's been bugging us for a cousin for some time now. He'll make the best kuya, I'm sure of it. Just one of the reasons Peanut is so lucky.

Telling my parents the next day was a bit more eventful, because we told them during their anniversary lunch celebration. We gift-wrapped the onesie and gave it to them as an anniversary present. My dad opened the gift, and he figured it out right away. Oh, he was so happy! He was proudly showing the onesie off to everyone with a big silly grin on his face. My brother Joe can do a very accurate reenactment, it's so funny. My mother's face was also so precious. You really can't describe your parents' faces upon finding out that their daughter is pregnant. My siblings were also all very excited. We couldn't stop talking about my pregnancy all throughout our meal.

When Peanut gets older, I'll make sure to remind him/her of how happy he/she made everyone with the news of his/her existence, that he/she was so wanted and so loved even in the womb, and that there was nothing but joy and gratitude and excitement from the people who matter to us.

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  1. What a creative way to break the wonderful news! I'm sure everyone can't wait for the baby!