Friday, December 21, 2012

The one with the new basics

We're starting to buy items for Audrey just now. We wanted to wait for our Congenital Anomaly Scan so that we can be 101% sure that we were having a girl, I still had these scenarios playing out in my head that we were having a boy pala because we found our baby's sex out a bit early. Anyway, now that it's confeeeeermed! that we're really, truly having a princess, we now want to go ahead and get all the things she'll need. I want lotsa lotsa pink stuff!

I saw this infographic from The Other Baby Book on Facebook recently:

Funny how the 'new basics' are actually what our parents and grandparents had during their time, just the barest of essentials.

Anyway, this graphic is throwing me off-track, because all this time I thought that one of the major items we'll get for the baby is the crib. Abet and I always check out cribs during the rare times we're in malls ever since I got pregnant. We have already decided to get one of those convertible cribs that can be turned into a bed when the child gets older. And now this graphic is suggesting that it's better to not have one and just co-sleep with our baby.

We're now torn. I've been reading about co-sleeping and it does seem like the perfect set-up--there are health benefits both for me and for my baby, and I love the thought of not having to get up in the middle of the night to nurse. But where will I put my baby when we're not sleeping? A baby carrier? A playpen? Isn't that too small? Will a queen-sized bed be big enough? Won't a bed be dangerous for the baby because of the risk of falling?

I'm leaning towards co-sleeping with the baby, but we'll probably do away with the bed frame and just sleep on a mattress on the floor. Abet still wants the crib. I have no issues with the other items on the infographic because I hope to be a baby-wearing, breastfeeding, cloth-diapering mommy.

Mommies, did you co-sleep with your child? Did you have a crib? What would you suggest? I hope you can help us with this!


  1. Hi Dea! We did co-sleeping with Tala. Our mattress was really low so it worked. Also filled up the surroundings with pillows. It was really convenient for breastfeeding plus I was also very praning. I wanted to see her the moment I opened my eyes.

    During the day, we had a crib where we would put her. The crib converts into a playpen so we got to use that till she was a year old.

  2. Hi Dea! We're advocates of co-sleeping too. Plus we just couldn't bear the thought of leaving our daughter all by herself in another room, young as she is. Thing is, we can't have her on the middle of our bed since Hubs moves a lot in his sleep. Can't have her on my other side as well since she'd be on the edge of the bed then. Taking out the bed frame is not an option since we don't have enough storage area for the frame. So, yes, we bought a crib. We bought one wherein one side can be slid down to give me easy access to her. We placed the crib right by my side of the bed so essentially her crib is like an extension to our bed. Crib can also be converted to play pen when she's older. :)

  3. Hi Dea! It looks like my checklist ah hahaha. We didn't buy a crib and a stroller - those were just gifts. I chose to co-sleep and I wore Lyndel on a sling or SaYa carrier.