Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The one with the pregnancy advice from my dad

"Don't scratch your tummy if it itches, you'll get stretchmarks."

So says my father.

He's seen my mother go through five pregnancies (six if you include the fetus floating around in formalin in my parents' cabinet), I guess this makes my dad more than qualified to give me pregnancy advice.

My mom has ZERO stretchmarks, so my dad probably knows what he's talking about.

I hear ya, Papi. I hear ya. No scratching my tummy, it is.

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  1. Zero stretchmarks! I envy your mom! I was notorious with the scratching hence the ugly stretchmarks. My advice to you is to follow your pop's advice. He definitely knows what he's talking about! :-) Oh and stock up on cocoa butter! Those things work wonders!